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  • Didac Hormiga

    Didac Hormiga | University of Maryland, College Park

    Sophomore, Marketing; Entrepreneurship

    "I’m a part-time comedic rapper, a full-time FC Barcelona enthusiast, and I have no time for guacamole haters."

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  • Frederick Daso

    Frederick Daso | MIT

    Senior, Aerospace Engineering

    "I love to blog about stuff in my spare time. I'm also a great event planner and love to bring people together."

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  • Kristen Shipley

    Kristen Shipley | North Carolina A&T

    Junior, Journalism & Mass Communications

    "I’m a Gladiator with big dreams and a bigger heart. You can find me dancing to Beyoncé or planning my next adventure."

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  • Omil Xia

    Omil Xia | New York University

    Junior, Journalism; Economics

    "We forget the memories we said we'd never lose sight of––I write and photograph to remember."

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  • Nathan Andre

    Nathan Andre | Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

    Sophomore, Business Administration

    "I tend to find myself in the weirdest places, at the weirdest times. I love learning and adventuring."

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  • Swarochish Goswami

    Swarochish Goswami | University of Toronto

    Sophomore, Global Affairs; Law

    "At 6, I started a fake bank and made my family pay to access benefits like getting the last slice of pizza."


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  • Alexis Berdine

    Alexis Berdine | Arizona State University

    Sophomore, Journalism

    "You can never have too much coffee or laughter."

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  • Ryan Montgomery

    Ryan Montgomery | Brigham Young University

    Junior, Finance

    "I run 70+ miles weekly, fueled mostly on Diet Coke. You'll find me on mountains, at Chipotle, or on campus."

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  • Jenna Valle-Riestra

    Jenna Valle-Riestra | Sonoma State University

    Junior, Communications & Media

    "Passions include poorly delivered puns, smashing patriarchy, and consuming endless cups of coffee."

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  • Kylan Kester

    Kylan Kester | Morehouse College

    Junior, Business & Marketing; Chinese Studies

    "I'm an enthusiast of all things Beyoncé."

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  • Julia Schemmer

    Julia Schemmer | UC Riverside

    Sophomore, Public Policy

    "My goal is simple: to put the 'lit' back into politics."

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  • Stephen Malkowicz

    Stephen Malkowicz | New York University

    Junior, Computer Science; Economics

    "I like coffee strong, books bound in print, trains on time, haikus a surprise."

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  • Scarlett Ho

    Scarlett Ho | Northeastern University

    Senior, Global Affairs & Political Science; Law & Public Policy

    "I love ballet, playing tennis, and I'm learning my fourth language, French."

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  • Cornelius McGrath | University of Notre Dame

    Cornelius McGrath | University of Notre Dame

    Senior, Economics & Psychology

    "Biggest Manchester United fan this side of the Atlantic, lover of all things music and an avid reader of GQ."

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  • Shelby Behrman

    Shelby Behrman | University of Michigan

    Senior, Communications; Psychology

    "I have embraced the adult coloring book fad to the extreme. (Crayons are my utensil of choice)."

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  • Makenzee Frohlich

    Makenzee Frohlich | West Virginia University

    Sophomore, Industrial Engineering; Business

    "I love sushi, traveling and Mark Cuban. If you ever catch me watching TV, it will definitely be Shark Tank."

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  • Lauren Padilla | Johns Hopkins University

    Lauren Padilla | Johns Hopkins University

    Sophomore, Writing Seminars; Marketing & Communications

    "Aside from writing, I love traveling, sketching, and binge watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries."

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  • Julian Gamboa-Ramos

    Julian Gamboa-Ramos | UC Berkeley

    Junior, American Studies

    "My pastimes include watching Shark Tank, attending college football games, and exploring San Francisco."

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  • Amanda Proença Santos | New York University

    Amanda Proença Santos | New York University

    Junior, Journalism; Social & Cultural Analysis

    "I'm a sugar enthusiast, struggling cook, and not-so-secret viewer of reality TV."

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  • Cheechee Lin | UCLA

    Cheechee Lin | UCLA

    Senior, Communication Studies; Music Industry

    "I am a 'How I Met Your Mother' fanatic and am also addicted to Sour Patch Kids."

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  • Erica Ho | UC Berkeley

    Erica Ho | UC Berkeley

    Junior, Business Administration

    "I love doing design work and lifting weights. I also love exploring new places and trying new foods."

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  • Elise Metcalf

    Elise Metcalf | University of Exeter

    Senior, International Relations

    "I'm a food and fitness enthusiast with a passion for writing, travel and drinking matcha lattes."

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  • Jenny Wang | UCLA

    Jenny Wang | UCLA

    Sophomore, Economics & Linguistics; Computer Science

    "I am deeply passionate about stationery, coffee, and hockey, but not in that order."

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  • Ajay Kurian | University of Maryland, College Park

    Ajay Kurian | University of Maryland, College Park

    Junior, Bioengineering

    "My biggest weakness are ice cream, clothing sales, and pizza. Love to read, write, and watch Netflix."

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  • Julia JH Park | University of Oxford

    Julia JH Park | University of Oxford

    Graduate student, Comparative & International Education

    "The truth is uncomfortable and I can't stop talking about it."

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  • Sydney Sarachek | Duke

    Sydney Sarachek | Duke

    Sophomore, Computer Science; Public Policy

    "I love skiing and I am a die-hard New York Giants fan."

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  • Jim Rossi | UC Berkeley

    Jim Rossi | UC Berkeley

    Graduate student, Journalism

    "I love to ride bikes - mountain bikes and road bikes. Riding is like a drug for me."

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  • Josh Leigh | University of Oxford

    Josh Leigh | University of Oxford

    Senior, English & Literature

    "I'm a fan of football and writing. I'm more likely to make a career out of writing."

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  • Anyssa Reddix | UNC

    Anyssa Reddix | UNC

    Sophomore, Business Administration & Public Relations

    "I want to go to 30 countries before I'm 30. Some of my favorites so far: Australia, Spain, and Greece."

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  • Sameera Polavarapu | University of Maryland, College Park

    Sameera Polavarapu | University of Maryland, College Park

    Sophomore, International Business & Marketing

    "I'm really passionate about writing, traveling, and ice cream."

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  • Will DiGravio | Middlebury

    Will DiGravio | Middlebury

    Freshman, Political Science

    "I drink my coffee black, love Dean Martin and Led Zeppelin, and collect baseball cards."

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  • Miki Ding | UC Berkeley

    Miki Ding | UC Berkeley

    Junior, Cognitive Science

    "I'm a tomboy and an ex-pageant girl. I love basketball, R&B music, and shows with fierce female leads."

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  • Rajat Bhageria

    Rajat Bhageria | University of Pennsylvania

    Junior, Management; Computer Science & Robotics

    "I love building awesome things."

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  • Francisco Alvarado | San Jose State University

    Francisco Alvarado | San Jose State University

    Junior, Public Relations

    "I love goats guys. They are curious and aggressive and athletic and swaggin'."

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  • Hannah Eli | Indiana University Bloomington

    Hannah Eli | Indiana University Bloomington

    Freshman, Marketing and Business Analytics

    "I flip books on Amazon, and I haven't gotten taller since I was 10 years old."

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  • Suzanne Ciechalski |    St. John's University

    Suzanne Ciechalski | St. John's University

    Junior, Journalism; Government & Politics

    "My passions include cupcakes, the New York Yankees and disco."

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