Campus Editor Programme

  • Demetri Savas

    Demetri Savas | UC San Diego

    Junior, International Business

    "Global citizen. Bookworm. Dog lover. Scuba diver. Traveller." 

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  • Sebastian Metselaar

    Sebastian Metselaar | Solvay Brussels School

    Junior, Business Engineering

    "I have an unhealthy obsession with LeBron James, always watch Netflix at 2x the speed, and love wearing suits."

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  • Karnika Pombra

    Karnika Pombra | University of Chicago

    Junior, Public Policy 

    "You can often find me in the travel section of the local bookstore, armed with my fourth cup of tea for the day."

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  • Leann Abad

    Leann Abad | University of Michigan

    Sophomore, Economics

    "If I had to choose to be an animal, I’d be a Welsh Corgi. If I had to choose to be a TV show character, I’d be Bobby Axelrod (Billions)."

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  • Hana Jafar

    Hana Jafar | The University of Manchester

    Junior, English Literature

    "I'm an avid knitter, love breakfast food and the smell of clean laundry. Freshly baked bread is my Kryptonite."

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  • Sanjana Ahuja

    Sanjana Ahuja | London School of Economics

    Graduate student, Media and Communications

    "All about Game of Thrones and waffles."

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  • Stan Tan

    Stan Tan | Babson College

    Junior, Entrepreneurship; Business; Marketing

    "I care about experiences, from Michelin-star restaurants to grungy bars."

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  • Annie Tseng

    Annie Tseng | University of Oxford

    Freshman, Economics & Management

    "Sushi and Stranger Things enthusiast, (unintentionally) transitioning to a nocturnal lifestyle."

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  • Casey Rosen

    Casey Rosen | University of Washington Bothell

    Freshman, Business and Data Analytics

    "My middle name is Artemis, named after the Greek goddess. It's on my bucket list to visit the Temple of Artemis in Turkey."

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  • Jacqueline Parker

    Jacqueline Parker | US Military Academy at West Point

    Senior, American Politics

    "No. 1 fan of Joe Biden, America, and crossfit"

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  • Colin Campbell

    Colin Campbell | New York University

    Junior, History of Ideas

    "I'm from a town of 350 people in northern Michigan. I've read more than 150 of the most influential texts in the Western canon."

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  • Ishan Goel

    Ishan Goel | Hult & UC Berkeley

    Freshman, International Business

    "I am in the business of building businesses. In my free time, I like to travel, write, and enjoy putting my life in danger for the perfect photograph."

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  • Tim Salau

    Tim Salau | University of Texas - Austin

    Graduate student, Information Studies/Science

    "I always write down my ideas. No matter where I am at or what I am doing, if I come up with a great or good idea, I write it down."

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  • Joel Hansen

    Joel Hansen | Trinity Western University

    Senior, Business Management & Marketing

    "Taco lover, mountain hiker, adventure seeker, Michael Scott advocate, Costco sampler, and fan of all things Canada. I pay my way through university by developing conferences for companies."

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  • Julie Jung

    Julie Jung | UC Davis

    Junior, Political Science; Psychology

    "I have a dedicated passion to storytelling and an overwhelming amount of love for adorable dogs."

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  • Didac Hormiga

    Didac Hormiga | University of Maryland, College Park

    Junior, Marketing; Entrepreneurship

    "I’m a part-time comedic rapper, a full-time FC Barcelona enthusiast, and I have no time for guacamole haters."

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  • Frederick Daso

    Frederick Daso | MIT

    Graduate student, Aerospace Engineering

    "I love to blog about stuff in my spare time. I'm also a great event planner and love to bring people together."

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  • Kristen Shipley

    Kristen Shipley | North Carolina A&T

    Senior, Journalism & Mass Communications

    "I’m a Gladiator with big dreams and a bigger heart. You can find me dancing to Beyoncé or planning my next adventure."

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  • Monique Geisen

    Monique Geisen | Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

    Senior, Journalism

    "I'm an aspiring master baker with a passion for peanut butter."

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  • Apefa Adjivon

    Apefa Adjivon | University of Toronto

    Sophomore, Diaspora, Transnational Studies; Women, Gender Studies

    "Canada's Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability, Top 22 Under 22 Most Inspiring Collegiate Women, struggling student."

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  • Darius Namazi

    Darius Namazi | Stanford University

    Freshman, Political Science 

    "Passionate about tech, law, and politics because 'technology doesn’t just change what we do; it changes who we are.'"

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  • Tiara Conley

    Tiara Conley | University of Southern California

    Senior, Business Administration/Marketing

    "I love windows: window shopping, window seats on planes, Windows OS, and eyes (the window into the soul)."

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  • Anuoluwapo Osibajo

    Ronak Ved | University of Washington

    Sophomore, Computer Science

    "Aziz Ansari's long lost, slightly shorter twin brother."

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  • Jaykishen Gokani

    Jaykishen Gokani | University College London

    Sophomore, Management Science; Engineering

    "I love tasting new cuisines, binge-watching Netflix, and driving across Europe with friends."

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  • Sam MacGinty

    Sam MacGinty | The University of Notre Dame

    Sophomore, Computer Science

    "I grew up in rural Ireland, so I love the outdoors. You can find me hiking, surfing, or skiing as much as I can!"

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  • Nathan Andre

    Nathan Andre | Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

    Junior, Business Administration

    "I tend to find myself in the weirdest places, at the weirdest times. I love learning and adventuring."

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  • Swarochish Goswami

    Swarochish Goswami | University of Toronto

    Sophomore, Global Affairs; Law

    "At 6, I started a fake bank and made my family pay to access benefits like getting the last slice of pizza."


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  • Alexis Berdine

    Alexis Berdine | Arizona State University

    Junior, Journalism

    "You can never have too much coffee or laughter."

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  • Ryan Montgomery

    Ryan Montgomery | Brigham Young University

    Senior, Finance

    "I run 70+ miles weekly, fueled mostly on Diet Coke. You'll find me on mountains, at Chipotle, or on campus."

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  • Jenna Valle-Riestra

    Jenna Valle-Riestra | Sonoma State University

    Senior, Communications & Media

    "Passions include poorly delivered puns, smashing patriarchy, and consuming endless cups of coffee."

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  • Kylan Kester

    Kylan Kester | Morehouse College

    Senior, Business & Marketing; Chinese Studies

    "I'm an enthusiast of all things Beyoncé."

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  • Emma Jacobs

    Emma Jacobs| University of Leeds

    Freshman, Journalism 

    "I love spoken word, and I worked as a farmer in the Middle East (living in a mud hut in a self-sustaining village) for a few months."

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  • Stephen Malkowicz

    Stephen Malkowicz | New York University

    Senior, Computer Science; Economics

    "I like coffee strong, books bound in print, trains on time, haikus a surprise."

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  • Scarlett Ho

    Sarah Przybyla | University of Missouri, Columbia

    Senior, Journalism and Business

    "I'm a staunch believer that brunch is really the most important meal of the day."

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  • Jasmine Johnson | North Carolina A&T State

    Jasmine Johnson | North Carolina A&T State

    Junior, Multimedia Journalism

    "I am mildly obsessed with Harry Potter, chocolate chip cookies, and puppies. My current Netflix addiction is Riverdale and Stranger Things." 

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  • Shelby Behrman

    Arinze Obiezue | African Leadership University

    Junior, Business Management

    "I enjoy taking photos with my phone and annoying my friends when I have to use them as models."

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  • Makenzee Frohlich

    Makenzee Frohlich | West Virginia University

    Junior, Industrial Engineering; Business

    "I love sushi, traveling and Mark Cuban. If you ever catch me watching TV, it will definitely be Shark Tank."

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  • Lauren Padilla | Johns Hopkins University

    Lauren Padilla | Johns Hopkins University

    Junior, Writing Seminars; Marketing & Communications

    "Aside from writing, I love traveling, sketching, and binge watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries."

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  • Julian Gamboa-Ramos

    Julian Gamboa-Ramos | UC Berkeley

    Senior, American Studies

    "My pastimes include watching Shark Tank, attending college football games, and exploring San Francisco."

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  • Vedran Maslic

    Vedran Maslic | Gothenburg University

    Graduate student, Global Studies/Communications

    "I am a CrossFit addict, a blockchain enthusiast, and I'm afraid of tomatoes. Seriously. Get those things away from me!"

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  • Meghan K. Riley

    Meghan K. Riley | University of Waterloo

    Graduate student, English Language and Literature

    "Critical sci-fi fan. Passionate about women's studies and student services. Chocolate chip cookie aficionado."

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  • Will Lawrence

    Will Lawrence | University of British Columbia

    Senior, International Economics

    "I launched a game on Kickstarter that teaches kids basic coding logic, raising 139% of our goal."

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  • Madeline Howard

    Madeline Howard | New York University

    Sophomore, Journalism; English

    "You can find me sipping an iced coffee and wandering through New York City bookstores."

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  • Nina Xue

    Nina Xue | Smith College

    Senior, Economics; East Asian Languages & Culture

    "I am a believer of giving someone a second chance if the first impression does not dazzle or stick. Food lover and sleep fanatic."

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  • Raghav Rmadya

    Raghav Rmadya | University of British Columbia

    Junior, International Economics

    "I binge watch VICE documentaries and videos."

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  • Naveen Dasari

    Naveen Dasari | University of Southern California

    Junior, Economics; Political Science; Classics

    "I'm obsessed with my hometown team, the Phoenix Suns, and always restock my 'Xxtra Flamin' Hot' Cheetos."

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  • Sydney Sarachek

    Sydney Sarachek | Duke

    Senior, Computer Science; Public Policy

    "I love skiing and I am a die-hard New York Giants fan."

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  • Mirza Uddin

    Mirza Uddin | Harvard University

    Senior, Government

    "I am a big fan of backpacking, rap, and Netflix."

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  • Giovanni Corrado

    Giovanni Corrado | Franklin & Marshall College

    Junior, Government & Public Policy

    "I’m addicted to Harry Potter and Guacamole!"

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  • Annette Hudson Nguyen

    Annette Hudson Nguyen | UC Irvine

    Junior, Business Administration

    "I’ve jumped out of a plane, watched 50+ anime series, been to tons of hip hop concerts, and love snowboarding."

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  • Meghan O'Connor

    Meghan O'Connor | College of William and Mary

    Senior, Marketing

    "I watch an episode of Criminal Minds every night before bed."

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  • Titouan Chassagne

    Titouan Chassagne | McGill University

    Junior, Political Science; Economics

    "I'm colorblind, but I own five different Rubik's cubes."

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  • Michael Cizek

    Michael Cizek | University of Florida

    Graduate student, International Business

    "I'm a tandem biker and ex-tuba player. I love old cars, dad jokes, and books that make you think differently."

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  • Conor Dewey

    Conor Dewey | Virginia Tech

    Junior, Computational Modeling & Data Analytics

    "I love going to new places and trying new things. When I’m not working with data, you’ll likely find me losing to my friends at fantasy football."

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  • Elise Metcalf

    Elise Metcalf | University of Exeter

    Senior, International Relations

    "I'm a food and fitness enthusiast with a passion for writing, travel and drinking matcha lattes."

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  • Gavy Oesmanto

    Gavy Oesmanto | California State Polytechnic, Pomona

    Junior, Business Administration

    "My passion lies in problem solving, and Thrifty’s chocolate malted krunch is always the answer."

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  • Ajay Kurian

    Ajay Kurian | University of Maryland, College Park

    Senior, Bioengineering

    "My biggest weakness are ice cream, clothing sales, and pizza. Love to read, write, and watch Netflix."

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  • Emma Alter

    Emma Alter | Dartmouth College

    Sophomore, English; Philosophy

    "I've tried every flavor of Oreo but one, and my goal is to write the next Great American Novel."

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  • Aleenah Ansari

    Aleenah Ansari | University of Washington, Seattle

    Senior, Human Centered Design & Engineering

    "I've listened to Fall Out Boy for 14 years. My favorite song is 'Sugar, We're Goin' Down!'"

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  • Sameera Polavarapu

    Sameera Polavarapu | University of Maryland, College Park

    Junior, International Business & Marketing

    "I'm really passionate about writing, traveling, and ice cream."

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  • Nathan Chiu

    Nathan Chiu | University of Pennsylvania

    Sophomore, Finance, Management & English

    "I love running with dogs, biking along rivers, and reading magazines in my campus bookstore. I'll eat anything with sugar in it."

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  • Jorge Cueto

    Jorge Cueto | Stanford University

    Graduate student, Computer Science

    "I'm a proud first-generation, low-income college student!"

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  • Rajat Bhageria

    Rajat Bhageria | University of Pennsylvania

    Senior, Management; Computer Science & Robotics

    "I love building awesome things."

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  • Nick Rampone

    Nick Rampone | UMass, Amherst

    Senior, Economics; Legal Studies; Mandarin 

    "I consider myself a professional at both cooking and eating Italian food."

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  • Hannah Eli

    Hannah Eli | Indiana University Bloomington

    Junior, Information Systems and Data Science

    "I'm the closest thing to Leslie Knope you're going to get."

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  • Daksh Bhatia

    Daksh Bhatia | UC Berkeley

    Junior, Economics; Computer Science

    "I constantly crave Thai food, I find Rick & Morty hilarious, I'm addicted to tech news, and I love basketball."

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  • Kate Jung

    Kate Jung | University of Washington

    Senior, Finance & International Business

    "I am a storyteller at heart. I want to be known as both an epic fantasy novelist and an expert brand strategist."

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  • Savannah Bice

    Savannah Bice | Lindenwood University

    Senior, Economics & Finance

    "You can find me drawing supply and demand curves, discussing new tech, or wishing Middle Earth actually existed."

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  • Samantha Stuart

    Samantha Stuart | University of Toronto

    Rising Senior, Materials Science & Engineering

    "Engineering is my fall-back plan in case I can't make it as an opera singer. I'm only half kidding."

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  • Sheryl Ratnam

    Sheryl Ratnam | UC Santa Cruz

    Junior, Economics; Computer Science

    "World shaker, story writer, change maker, and coffee enthusiast, in no particular order."

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  • Will Manidis

    Will Manidis | Olin College

    Freshman, Computer Science; Mathematics

    "Feverish Marcus Aurelius and Aaron Sorkin fan."

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